Boys will be boys!!!

Yesterday I took the kids around the block. They rode their bikes, I walked. Since our road spans over 3 blocks with no roads crossing, I let the kids go on ahead (at that particular time of day), just as long as they don't turn the corner. On our last leg, I was walking along and I noticed a flip flop laying on the road that looked strangely similar. I kept expecting Danny to come back looking for it, but he never did. By the time I got home, he'd already put away his bike and was playing on the computer!

I called downstairs, "Is anyone missing anything?" Danny answers, "Oh yeah, I just thought you could get it for me."

I guess he doesn't mind riding for 3 blocks barefoot!


Anonymous said...

That's hysterical! Boys will be Boys, no foot wear and all. I just love the way kids think, especially when they take time to explain their logic. :-)

Tuten Family addition... said...

You should read our blog. it's funny. thankfully none of that has been our experience. actually some of them have thankfully not all of them.