Danny had an assignment to fit his spelling words into this poem - we got quite the kick out of it!

A knock came at my bedroom door; I looked up in surprise.
My mother stood there frowning and with fire in her eyes.
"This room," she said, "I can't believe! It just is not appealing
To see this mound of clutter here reach clear up to the ceiling!
It makes my stomach churn to see the mess this place is in.
In fact, it makes my head ache, too - I need an aspirin.
Our minister would surely pray; a janitor would groan
Too see a room that looks to be a victim of a cyclone.
This litter jumbled everywhere most certainly reduces
The beauty and well-being of our state of Massachussetts.
My child, you have so many strenghs - humor, honesty;
In schoolwork you're a scholar, as each Christian ought to be.
And even when you're mischievous, you're never, ever mean.
But what you need to learn, my child,


April said...

What grade is he in?

MagenRanae said...

That's great! I can't wait to show Micah!!

shawna said...

that is awesome!

dave & rachel said...

wow, he is good with words! That was pretty impressive, and funny too. :)

Reagan said...

Wow that is a sweet poem! He did really well!

Scott and Lynn said...

Danny is in 4th grade. And just to be clear, he took his list of 28 words and filled in the blanks to complete the poem.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, loved it :-)

marti said...

Way to go Danny! Keep up the good work. You will pass that on for me - won't you Lynn?