For three days in a row the Lord has been showing me the same thing - through three different ways - maybe I'd better get my act together and listen...

Day 1: got an email from a friend. She says, " I have a desire to start a private blog, a place to encourage one another in "the work of our hands" - the daily chores that are a part of serving the Lord and the families we have been given by Him."

Day 2: God's Word. I am reading in Leviticus about cleansing from leprous disease. What strikes me in reading chapter 14 is how much one must do when a house is infected with leprosy... that even with things the Lord is very systematic and specific with what is to happen. They even made sacrifices for the atonement of their houses - their vessels, their clothing, the walls! I am struck by how much God cares about the holiness of the things in my house.

Day 3: Sunday meeting. This really handsome guy is speaking :) and mentions this (not the focus of his message, but an aside - that I'm sure was meant just for me - not from my husband, but from the Lord) "We can do everything for the Lord's glory...(list of items)...even cleaning your house..."

The truth is, I do find these things to be mundane sometimes...okay - MOST of the time... and I don't love doing the dishes, the laundry, cleaning the toilets. Do I do them? YES! Do I try to find ways to enjoy them? YES! Do I slack off? Absolutely!!! Is that glorifying to the Lord - NO! So, what I have to do is be real with the Lord and be willing to change - maybe the Lord will change my love for chores - He could do that - probably won't - because then I wouldn't really be learning my lesson... I know that I can't listen to the Lord and then NOT be changed... the scripture warns against that. So, I am almost hesitant to admit to myself that the Lord is telling me something, because I am lazy and don't want to work harder... but that IS what He is telling me... and so I need to learn diligence, perseverance, LONGSUFFERING :) Even though it may take my whole life - because that's how long it has to last!


Kelly said...

Thank you for your thoughts on the "mundane" chores in life. The Lord does pay attention to our faithfulness in our day to day duties and He will honor our diligence and discipline in these areas, no matter how minor they may seem. And, on that note...I had better go clean! :-)

Kim & Dave said...

Oh, I SO understand what you mean!

Discipline is such a needed thing in my own life, I decided I neede a seperate blog just for it.

I started it today, so seeing this post of yours confirmed that GOD Himself was directing me to start it!

If you want to check it out, it is at: http://mindmoderation.blogspot.com/

Thanks for posting what the Lord laid on your heart!

dave & rachel said...

I appreciated Scott mentioning that in his message too - because sometimes it is hard to see the value in doing work at home, when it will only have to be re-done tomorrow (or 5 minutes from now!). So it is convicting to think of our work at home as something the Lord is watching and something that can give the Lord glory.

Tracy said...

Hi Lynn - something I learned lately, that I thought I'd share. I was convicted this year concerning shows that I would watch on TV - that were not glorifying to God. My mind belongs to the Lord, therefore I should be mindful what I put into it, right? :) Well, I found I could not do this in my own power. I failed over and over. But when I surrendered, admitted my weakness, and prayed for strength I experienced victory and freedom! This is what came to mind when I read your post - may you experience victory and freedom in this area of your life as you experience power and strength that does not come from yourself. To God be the Glory.

Blessings. :)