What to say???

Sometimes, I just don't have anything that I think would be of interest to others to say... lately, I've had lots, but just not the time. And sometimes I wonder, what's the point? I'm always asking Scott if I should just delete the whole thing and not bother - but I enjoy from time to time checking up on how you all are doing (although I confess it's only once in awhile). I just can't afford the time to be on the computer...

But lately, the Lord has been showing me alot - I've had precious times in the Word and I find that every day I want to share it with all of you - like maybe it would be life-changing, even if we've all heard it before. Truthfully, sometimes, I wonder if it matters. It seems like people like to see pictures, hear funny things the kids say, get recipe tips, etc... but the responses to a spiritual thought are more rare. Many of you have said the same thing to me - and it can be discouraging. The thing is... I know you, I know you care... and I know that I am not one to comment much... like I said, I don't spend much time... just give a quick glance here or there. And Scott reminds me - it's not about the comments you get back... I mean, do I say things to impress - absolutely not... if one person would take it and ponder it and be blessed, than maybe it is worth it... because even though I love the pictures, the funny quotes, the recipes, etc... and as much as those things are a real part of life - how much more part of my life is the Lord Jesus and what He is showing me daily! So, how could I blog and not talk about those things in my life?

So, when I have time, you may be hearing more from me - if you want to, that is!

And, if you are looking NOW - it will take a few minutes, but here goes....


Kelly said...

I know exactly how you feel, Lynn, and often times I wonder if I should even spend any time putting my thoughts out on my blog. But, whether it helps anyone else or not...and, I really do hope that it encourages others...I know that it helps ME to organize my thoughts and recognize with purpose what the Lord is telling me and teaching me. So, however infrequent my posts may be, I do them when the Lord lays something on my heart and He can do with it as He wishes! Praying for you...

dave & rachel said...

I know what you mean, Lynn, because I have noticed it too. But how can we keep from writing about the passion of our lives? When the Lord teaches me something, I LONG to share it, and I'm so thankful to have a place to write it down...and maybe in turn, encourage someone else's heart too. And I know I personally have really gained from the blog writings of other women are willing to delve into the deeper subjects: walk with Lord, marriage, parenting, etc... we NEED to hear about these things from each other!

For example, you wrote a post about being a mother with little ones in church awhile back, and it was such an encouragement to me...and I've encouraged other people to read it too! You have much to offer; you are a child of the King and He is an excellent teacher!

There's my rebuttal. :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Lynn.
You never know when the Lord will use something that you offer to bless another. Someone told me of a devotional calendar sent to a land "down under" by one Brother to his brother who ran a drinking establishment. This brother always hung it on the wall behind the bar.
One day the Brother died and the calendars no longer came to be hung on the wall. The patrons complained and asked that he try to
find the calendars to continue hanging on the wall. (true story)
So, the Lord will bless the "word of testimony" given in His precious Name. We may not know how or when or where, until "that Day"!
Love you,
Margaret P.

HopiQ said...

Thank you so much for sharing your heart here with us. It is a great encouragement to me! I've also been wanting to take the time to write down what the Lord has been showing me, so this is an encouragement in that area as well.

The Lord is using you!!!