catching up...

So much has been going on... here are a couple of clips :) On our trip to Canada, I took the family to my hometown on Lake Erie and I got to show them this beach down the road from my house that I spent a lot of time at growing up!

Out of order, oh well, but here is the KU parade we went to before our trip. This cheerleader is all I saw (the parade was not well organized - the players were in a car low to the ground, so only the people at the very front of the crowds saw them) But, nevertheless, fun was had by all!!!

This is the path right down the road from my house growing up. Here are the kids with their great finds they brought home from Lake Erie.
The Holiday - still looks the same from the outside. I rode my bike here LOTS in the summer for great crunch coat ice cream cones! The family had lunch here :)

It felt great to get my feet in the water - even though it was COLD!!! I really miss living by the Lake!

And, then the cousins at Niagara Falls!!!

There was still ice floating in the river!

Again, out of order; the kids are ready f0r their drama - the musical Annie. Daniel was an orphan, Rebekah one of Daddy Warbucks servants - hence the dramatic difference in the way they are dressed!
...and, back at the falls ;)

More to come later :)


Reagan said...

I loved visiting niagra falls as a kid! That's great that you were able to show your kids where you grew up I bet that brought back a lot of memories!

Kelly said...

beautiful pictures!

HopiQ said...

What a fantastic trip! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

Jessie said...

So fun. I love going back home and doing stuff i used to do as a kid with the boys.

Tracy said...

I've enjoyed the pictures. :) I see God's grace shining through your life. Beautiful! :)

MagenRanae said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! :)

dave & rachel said...

Love the pictures!

I tagged you on my blog!

Eryn said...

i didnt know you were from canada! cool.
i love the niagra falls pictures. so beautiful.