Our Virginia Vacation

Here's how we all fit in!...and our trusty driver sporting his new prize...
Our first night we stayed in Huntington, West Virginia, after a 12 hr. day. We were exhausted, but excited to be staying at the home of Marshall University!!! We ate at the Marshall Hall of Fame cafe that night - and even though it was raining, we drove around to see some of the sights! Doesn't this first picture make you want to start chanting? "We are.... Marshall"

The next day we drove through the Shenendoah Valley. Just had to take one stop to check it out.

Colonial Williamsburg

the firing of the cannons

some of the girls

oops, I forgot our family's t-shirts
the governor's palace

I had never seen an actual yoke in use; pretty cool

Of course we had to try on the hats of the day!

practicing for when we live in a cabin?
the 'tough guy' splitter
making wooden shingles
I'm sorry to say they were bad and proper public punishment was necessary

Touring the USS Wisconsin
fast attack 'Iowa class'

one foot on the Kentucky, one foot on the Wisconsin
(the Wisconsin had to have the bow replaced when it had an accident)

the local pets at our condos...
here's the ringleader
meet Mallard
and Sarah
and Lacy, Genevieve, Blair, Edeline...
(yes, for those of you who have girls like mine, Rebekah named them all, and pretty much after the 12 dancing princesses of Barbie)

We had a great trip in all, and it was so nice to see Scott's family who are so far away! We ended up passing around the flu, so I missed pictures of Virginia beach, where the kids had a great time on the wakeboards.
We were sad to miss out on a wedding we were supposed to go to - but the couple decided not to wait for Scott and an available weekend, but went ahead and got married without him. I really don't understand why. (just kidding)
We also had received the news of Melsie Glock going to be with the Lord. That was hard for us not to be able to go to the funeral. We had always intended on doing so. But the Lord knew! We love the Glocks dearly! I am wanting to write another blog about that later :)
...and now we are off and going for the summer, so don't be expecting much coming up. I'll try to post photos once in awhile at least!


Jessie said...

It looked great, I'll have to plan Williamsburg in the future.