Cleveland Zoo/Summer Fun

One of our weeks between camps this year landed us in Cleveland. While we were there we made it to the Metroparks Zoo. Here are some of our highlights!

Daniel took this shot of the snow leopards - it is one of my favorites!

And here's the oldest animal we saw!

The Cleveland Zoo had a great touch pool. It had lots of stingray and a few sharks.

There were animals everywhere!!!

If you look closely you can see my mom's teeth are blue. I think she was eating cotton candy, which was the treat we always bought at zoos and ball games. Now I realize it was more for her than for us!

They also had camel rides!!!

Daniel was trying to make Rebekah wave, but I think she was scared to let go!

There was a really fun building where you could buy nectar and feed these fun birds - Lorikeets.

This one was very smart and got the cup away from Rebekah :)

Underwater friends... these are always my favorite (besides the penguins with the big eyebrows!)

Yes, there is a fish here

Family photo op.... and just for the record, I think my shorts are hideous, but I was desperate for shorts this summer (had 2 pairs), and these were $2.49 at Target. For that price, I will wear them every week!!

pretty flowers at the zoo


Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures!

Jessie said...

ha ha I really like the shorts. :) Seriously I would buy them too especially for that price.

Reagan said...

i like the shorts too! I love the pictures - animals are so much fun to capture.

Reagan said...

oh yeah...that turtle looks dead!

The Daniel Den said...

glad to see some pics....so glad you are home....