When you homeschool...

and you have had an extremely busy week and your 3rd grader has been reading history all alone.... it is essential that you review together on Friday to make sure she has been learning what she was supposed to.... lest you have a conversation like this....

Who captured Squanto to sell him as a slave? Okay, I know this isn't right, but since I don't know I'm going to guess.... Potiphar???

Who offered Squanto a home in America? Hmmm... I don't remember
I'll give you a hint..... Chief... Chief Yahoo! Oh, wait, no, it's chief mascot!
That would be pronounced Chief Massasoit.

What did Squanto teach the pilgrims to do with the trees? swing from the vines
Yes, but what did they get out of the trees? Pop?

.... because it's just not enough to know how to grind corn and make a great stew like the indians of the prairie!


HopiQ said...

Oh, that is classic! Glad you recorded it for posterity.

Jessie said...

she makes me laugh :)

Tonya said...

This is hilarious Lynn! Sounds like we homeschool about the same way!

I wanted to thank you for your sweet, encouraging words on my blog last week. It helps to know that I've got good friends praying for me.