We are on our first official road trip of the year! I was hoping I could blog photos from my phone, but it doesn't look like I can work it out....

So far, so good... We played the mile game today - traveling through western Kansas we saw grain bins and water towers over 9 miles away. We are getting really good at guessing long distances. The winner gets to choose the next object to guess... I won the last round, so that means I get big slobbery kisses on both cheeks at the Colby rest area. Oh, I just can't wait!!!

We are also embellishing Scott's recently renewed love of classical music and are currently listening to Mozart. We may listen to Pilgrim's Progress soon- we are halfway through... And we brought along our old faithful Chronicles of Narnia on CD. No more movies - our player broke this past year - I am truly hoping we make it well without it. I really don't care to have to play the abc game or 'I'm going on a trip' more than once or twice :).

Okay - here are our top reasons we love to travel together as a family...

scenery is beautiful
Pretzel pieces
Collecting ball caps
Playing 'how far away is it'
Talking together for hours
Going skiing
More than 1/2 hour of DS
Catch up on phone calls
Quizzing state facts
Baskin Robbins for lunch!
Spring break
Catching up on crafts
Get to see amazing things and beautiful places

If you think of us this week, pray for us. Yes, we are having fun, but we are also sharing the Lord. Last year 2 girls got saved on this trip! The youth look forward to this all year, and one of the reasons is the relationships we have built. They love Scott (of course) and really listen to him!

"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of them who bring good news" (haha - that's our verse for the week. Maybe we'll take a pic of our feet at the continental divide!)

Happy Spring break!!!


Rachel said...

Have fun!

HopiQ said...

Have a wonderful time! We'll be praying for you!

Anonymous said...

What a great blessing to be able to do all of this as a family!!! Where are you guys going?