Trusting in the hard times

It's been a super tough month - really I can't begin to tell all the reasons why - but the past couple of days it seems like things have been snowballing. Ever feel like that? Why is it that when you feel like you are just trying to keep your head above water that the waves seem to come taller and stronger?

A month ago Scott's dad passed away of pancreatic cancer; 2 days ago, my step-dad's brother died of cancer; my older sister has skin cancer that is in the second layer of skin and they are running further tests; a good friend's dad is very sick and they just discovered he has leukemia.... and there are more stories just like this. Maybe one of them belongs to you...

It's been a month of learning to trust. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding... Well, I definitely do not understand, but I keep committing it to Him - and I DO trust Him - but that lack of understanding keeps trying to push it's stubborn head over the top. Have I ever told you how much I hate sin and the effects on this world that it's had? Stinkin cancer.

The Lord has a marvelous way of reminding me over and over again that He is here, He is in control, His understanding is the best, and most of all, He Cares!!!

This morning we read this:

Returning from an unsuccesful fishing trip (a whole night's worth) the seven disciples were astounded when they followed the instruction of a stranger on the shore. They let down the net on the right side and caught 153 great fishes in one cast. "It is the Lord," said John to Peter. John understood that only He could do such a thing. In our times of disappointment or need, it is assuring to know that the Lord is on our side and all power and authority belong to Him. Perhaps by the end of today's work, you too will be able to exclaim, "This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous." -Roy Hill

Thanks Lord for the reminder - again!

I fully expect that I will continue to fight my own understanding and disappointment; and I fully expect that every time I do - the Lord will graciously remind me yet again that He is able! And yes, He is marvelous!


HopiQ said...

Yes, yes, yes! God is so gracious to remind us that even when we cannot understand, He truly is in control. You are such an encouragement to me through all that you are experiencing, and I am praying that the Lord will continue to provide all the strength, joy, and peace you need.

~ Rory ~ said...

Hi Lynn! Thank you so much for sharing your heart! There were many times this past year where my mind was ablaze trying to reconcile all that was going on and making sense of it all, trying to understand where God was going. At times it was quite impossible to reconcile in my mind that God is so loving and always working His best in our lives and yet He is completely just in all the denials, sorrows, heartache He allows at the same time. I just couldn't wrap my brain around it and finally the Lord brought me to the point where I had to realize that it just wasn't going to make sense to me because His ways and thoughts are far far above any of mine! He kept asking me to trust...to have faith even though it made no sense to me! He really encouraged me with Hebrews chapter eleven. "By faith" is used 19 times and these people were just ordinary people like us with their own struggles and trials and they chose to obey even though what God was asking or doing didn't make sense. We can be like them and by faith press on amidst all that doesn't make sense! I love you dear friend and will continue to fight these battles with you through prayer!

Jessie said...

Reminds me of our Bible study we had tonight. The Lord allows trials, to refine us to reflect Him all the more. But it is still hard-I am so glad we have a personal Savior who never leaves us.
I'll be praying for your encouragement.

pat ve said...

What an avalanche of trials. I feel so badly for you. God brought me through some of those thoughts. He desires our gold to refine. It is a painful yet loving process. May the Lord give you a special sense of His nearness.

fredswifesue said...

Hi Lynn,
I went through a similar set of friends being sick and other friends dieing not long ago. When my own dr told me my chest pains were stress and not actual heart pains, I knew I was trying to carry all the burdens myself rather than getting in the yoke with my precious Savior. It was such a relief to go to Him! and I nod my head in agreement with what you said knowing that I will have to go there again and again. I'm sooooo thankful for the Lord's grace, and kind comfort to me. And you're a sweet sister to me in all you share and care.

Rachel said...

I've been praying for you - I thought of our Bible study too (have you started the book yet??? It seems very applicable right now!). On Wednesday night we talked about how necessary the heat is in the refining process. For the refiner to see His face in the silver, severe heat had to be applied. These past few months have definitely taken you "through the fire." It is so hard to understand, but I know He loves you, Lynn, and He won't let you go! We can trust our precious Refiner.