Needing Refreshment?

Coffee Hour -
a fixed occasion of informal meeting and chatting where refreshments are served

I stumbled upon this definition in the MW Collegiate dictionary and I immediately fell in love with it. I know, sounds crazy, right?

But really, who doesn't love a good coffee hour, with it's informal meeting and chatting where one can just fellowship, relax, be themselves and come away refreshed, in more ways than one!

In our home, our morning 'coffee hour' is definitely a fixed occasion! It's a normal, expected, much anticipated part of life. We don't ever miss it! And trust me, if we did, you'd know!

We are committed to coffee hour! We long for that daily refreshment!

I saw this definition and was struck by this thought: I hope that I will always be as passionate about my time with the Lord as I am about my coffee!

I know, that could sound silly, but I fully mean it! How is my fixed occasion of spending time with the Lord, informally meeting with Him and chatting with Him, just enjoying the fellowship of My Savior? Does it mean so much to me that it is a normal, expected, much anticipated part of my life? So much that I never want to miss it, and if I did, that I'd feel the loss of it all day long?

Proverbs 3:7,8 say that when we fear the Lord and depart from evil, it will bring healing to our bodies, and refreshment to our bones!

Acts 3:19 also tells us that 'times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.'

I need His refreshing every day! And I can have it - by keeping that fixed occasion of meeting with Him!

What about you, friends? Are you needing a little refreshment? Are you anticipating getting together to share with Him, to feed on Him, and to be refreshed?

This is one coffee hour you don't want to miss!


The Lord has blessed me with 4 plus said...

Lynn, I never looked at it that way. It really hit home. Thank you for sharing.

Reagan said...

Something to think about! I enjoyed our coffee hour this morning :)