He reached over, as he so often does, and put his hand in mine. I felt his daddy's hand on the other side, and it struck me how little difference in size there was!

Once again life has been sneaking up on me, days come and gone, and then something hits me - when did we get here? How quickly it changed from the tiny fingers in my hand to the strength in a man's hand.

There are subtleties, signs of what is to come. A lower voice, a fuzzy lip, even showers taken with no prompting...

I feel so inadequate, so unprepared to know how to handle this next phase of life with him. How do I raise a man? And yet, when did I feel like I had it all together before? It is only by God's grace that he is who he has become so far.

And who that is, I am so proud of! This I do know, that a mommy should be proud of her boy, be his biggest fan, cheer him on, help him along. And those things, I can and will keep doing.

And in the meantime, while life is changing and flying by some more, I will keep on holding that hand as long as he offers it!


Jessie said...

So true that life flies by. Enjoy holding his hand and hugs-it is crazy for me to think so quickly my babies will be men. So today i will snuggle, hug and kiss them all I can and pray, pray, pray, pray.
Sometime it overwhelms me that i has been entrusted to raise and train up the next generation of men for the Lord. And when I think that all I can do is pray that I am adequate for the task and pray to the Lord that my sons will follow after Him all the days of their lives and be men who love Him and seek Him.
Very humbling to be a mother and such a blessing as well.

Jennifer said...

As I look at my own son who will be 16 this Sunday I am amazed at the wonders of God thru him. All of a sudden you look at them one day and see a man not a boy. I totally understand you thoughts and what a task to be the mother of a future Lord willing , husband, leader, provider and man of God.

HopiQ said...

Precious, precious thoughts.

The Daniel Den said...

I have been thinking of this post.... I remember a little boy who I love and who the Lord used to change my life. I remember him singing take me at to the ballgame before my wedding began. A young man who prayed at grandpa's funeral. A young man who participates at chapel. A young man who encourages me and spurs me on. Someone I am so incredibly thankful for.
Also love that we are their biggest cheerleader.... so important to remember.