The best laid plans...

'The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry'

Ha! That seems to be the theme of how my 'Plan' has been going... but to be honest, I kind of expected that to happen... just not necessarily for the reasons that it has happened! In beginning this whole process, I came up with a solution for what would work best for the family in the 'normal seasons of life'. And we did have one week that went fairly smoothly, and I found the plan to be helpful in keeping things running smoothly.

The second week, however, we were getting ready for a little road trip with the family to Georgia. Our plan was to pull the kids out of school on a Thursday and hit the road early, drive two days and get there Friday afternoon. We had plans there for Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday. Then we'd drive back home on Monday and Tuesday. It was going to be a bit of a whirlwind trip, a little crazy to be in the car so much for just 2 1/2 days there, but we were all excited! We love road trips together, and we really love our friends in Georgia!

Because of the trip, the beginning of the week was jam-packed. I threw my carefully made lists away and just did what needed to be done! But then, I woke up on Thursday at 5 am to get everyone going, and I just didn't feel right! We were supposed to leave by 6 am, and I think it was 5:55 when I started throwing up. Scott shooed me off to bed and I just cried that I was ruining our trip. Thankfully, I got over it quickly, and we did hit the road on Friday... for an even crazier trip which now included as much car time as we were to actually be in Georgia! I felt rotten and didn't converse much, which made Scott's drive fairly boring, but we made it - and had a wonderful time! We also listened as a family to William MacDonald's True Discipleship while on the road. We had some great discussions with the kids as a result.

Then we got home and the rest of that week was playing 'catch-up'. Scott had one day home before he hit the road again, and the kids and I had a busy weekend. I'm not sure how it happened, but we ended up with an eye doctor appt., a dentist appt., an orthodontist and a hearing appt. that week as well. Seriously, what was I thinking??? But, they are done!

And, that brings us to this week... I was determined to get back on track, and so on Sunday afternoon, I ran all my copies and did all the planning... only to wake up with one kid with the flu and one with shingles! Oh goodness, I felt so badly for them! It has been a super tough week for my sweet little girl, and I SO appreciate her attitude and how she is handling everything. (she's the one with the shingles) I am determined that she is not going to look back on this and remember a mom who was too busy to take the time and take care of her! I am thankful that the Lord is giving us the extra time together and that even though it is through hard circumstances, He has slowed us both down and given this special time. I'm thinking this little sweetheart is worth setting aside a plan for any day! <3


Kim & Dave said...

I needed this today, Lynn. I too, had my plans thwarted by a sickie-although, thankfully nothing like shingles!

It is good to be reminded of where our priorities need to be. I LOVE lists, too, because they bring order to our world.....& I think the Lord loves us to be "ordered," but He wants us to allow Him to order out days as well.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Jessie said...

glad she is feeling better and you too. thanks for the encouragement :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the encouragement....makes all of us who have the same things happen feel better....and your love for your sick daughter touched my heart!...what a great Mom God has given her!
karen carder

The Daniel Den said...

I have to pray a lot for the grace and patience it takes to be an engaged mom whether that is sitting on the couch when they are sick or not being in my own world when running errands. Thanks for this reminder! They are more important and our first jobs before the laundry and other things!! Love you guys and thankful the Lord is giving what is needed!!

Rachel said...

Love this, Lynn...thanks for sharing and being real. :)