Spanish Wells 3.1 pics

Scraping and painting walls at the chapel that were messed up during Hurricane Sandy

Rebekah's friend Isabel - they have stayed in contact the last 2 years and this was Isabel's 13th birthday!

A stingray Scott and I were following in the water

He would let us walk fairly close to him before he took off

Loving our walks together!

Like father, like son =0]

conch/ soon to be chowder!

Sea Egg

Gorgeous skies reflecting on the water

Rebekah's panorama... it doesn't work if you don't sit still! lol

We came across this one morning... wondered if it was  a nest of some sort

Many interesting things come out of the sea!

Some of the damage left by the hurricane

It wiped away the end of this street... I'm thinking it may have been a boat ramp

manditory beach shot

Amazing combo of bacon wrapped lobster marinated in bbq/apricot!

The beauty here never ends!